My name is Vanessa Azevedo Amato, and I work as a Civil Engineer and Project Management Consultant in the United States. I have extensive 19-years-long experience as a civil engineer and project manager in developing large-scale construction, retrofitting, relocation, and deactivation projects with a combined worth of more than $108 million. Through my education and these projects, I have developed sound problem-solving, mathematical, research, and IT skills, as well as excellent verbal and written communication, negotiation, supervisory, and leadership skills. Additionally, through my experience, I have developed the ability to think and act methodically, manage large-scale projects, the ability to work with narrow deadlines and limited budgets, and maintain an overview of the entire project while attending to details and technicalities of the project. Finally, through my work, I have gained in-depth knowledge of the relevant legislation. These degrees provided me with a unique combination of knowledge in both civil engineering and business management that is valuable within my field. In the field of civil engineering, I learned to design, lead and supervise the construction of large-scale projects, coordinate and guide technical procedures, plan, specify and develop technical-economic feasibility studies, develop, build, and manage basic sanitation works, and perform expert reports and technical opinions. Furthermore, I learned to establish standardization, measurement, and quality control, calculate and control budgets for materials to be used, and design urban mobility works, among others. Regarding the business management field, I gained competence in analyzing organizations and businesses, diagnosing management problems, interacting with institutions and stakeholders, and using management tools and techniques to make managerial and executive decisions. Throughout my career, I gained recognition for my knowledge through certifications, and I furthered my knowledge and understanding of the field of civil engineering through specialization courses.


Execute and deliver all projects with excellence, respecting standards, budget and deadlines.


To be recognized by our clients as a company that values reliability, ethics that guarantees excellence in its work processes with professionals and society, achieving legality and transparency in external and internal acts.


Carry out projects valuing customer satisfaction, valuing and respecting the environment by seeking the best technical solutions through product innovation and methodologies to be used.